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Photography has been a life-long interest of mine dating back to my many early years of watching my dad bring images to life in the darkroom when I was a child.  I was fascinated and I was hooked.  I was raised under the wing of a third-generational newspaper family.  I received my first camera when I was five years old in 1979... a One-Step Polaroid camera with that oh so sweet rainbow stripe.  It was truly beautiful.  My first photography adventure came shortly thereafter when traveling to Europe to see relatives... and so my portfolio began.  Those images make me giggle.  Not a single photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa but loads of images of details... the flowers, the people, the goods at an Italian flea market.  Some things never change.  I love the details.

Fast forward to college, I majored in Secondary Education with a field endorsement in Language Arts with an emphasis in journalism.  I was heavily involved in the campus newspaper and I worked for the Communications Director for four years processing film and printing photos. I spent a lllllllooooooot of time in the dark in college.

Fast forward to 2010 after years of being a hobbyist and a micro-managing mom at every one of my children's photography shoots, I knew I couldn't fight my passion any longer and I needed to pursue it on a deeper level.  I completed the 3-year course through the New York Institute of Photography and I've additionally absorbed every book, online photography course and learning opportunity I could get my hands on to gain even more knowledge.  I started my LLC after mentoring with other professional photographers whom I deeply admire, and I pursue annual continuing education every chance I get.  I love learning.  I love the science and I love the art and I love the technical challenge of bringing them both together.

So that brings me to right now.  I'm still absorbing.  Most nights I fall asleep to online photography courses buzzing in my ear.  In Barnes and Noble you'll find me in the photography book section.  On an airplane you'll see me reading a photography magazine.  I literally live and breathe photography.  My hope is that my work illustrates this passion. :)

Professionally yours,

Angela Greisen, artist and owner

Angela Isom Portraiture, LLC | Lincoln, Nebraska | Professional Photographer