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Welcome to my site!

I need to preface anything else I babble on about with this... I love my clients.  I love the connections.  I love their stories.  I love their uniqueness.  If you are looking for just a somebody to take your picture, I'm not your girl.  I love it when my clients become my friends.   As an artist, I can't create if I don't connect.  I desire to know my clients.  That doesn't mean I'm sticking you on a couch with your feet up and taking notes, but you must know, I'm intrigued. To me, you are interesting.  Everyone has a beautiful story every bit as much as they have a soul.  I want to meet you.  I want to know you.  I want to make you into art.

So, let's get personal.  Some tidbits about me...  I'm blessed with 4 children and 2 step-children who make me want to be the best version of myself.  I'm nuts about kids... all kids.  They make me laugh.  My youngest child has down syndrome and I state that with extreme joy.  I get to be on a journey that I swear makes me feel more deeply about everything.  Part of that journey has been meeting some extraordinary special needs adults and children and their extended families collectively.  They are perfection.  This has deeply impacted my art.  I have seen the greatest beauty in what the world calls flawed.  Beauty is in authenticity, and if I don't deliver that truth in my photography then I've failed.

Additionally, I'm a romantic.  I've cried at every wedding I've ever shot.  Seriously.  Not full-blown ugly cry, but true tears.  I love "love."  To witness two people form a covenant with God is a spiritual experience for me and to get to photograph the way those two people look at each other and how their families embrace them is a privilege.

If you haven't guessed it from my site, I'm a Christian.  For me, everything I do in this life needs to point to God, and when I can make images that translate that ministry, I feel my truest success.

Lastly, in a nutshell... I'm a klutz, but completely fearless when it comes to heights.  I'm deeply in love with my husband and still get butterflies when he walks into a room.  I'm crazy about our 6 children and blended family.  I'm totally boho chic, but I drive a Honda mini-van chalk full of missing shin guards and overdue library books.  I love coffee and energy drinks and laughter and cheese.  I really like cheese.  Even better, wine and cheese.  I'm happiest when it's raining.  My favorite sound is a campfire, and I find life dull if I'm not learning something new.

If you can relate, let's connect!

Professionally yours,

Angela Greisen, artist and owner

Angela Isom Portraiture, LLC | Lincoln, Nebraska | Professional Photographer