Kavanaugh Family

It was a real pleasure to photograph your family... even under the pressure of impending rain.  There was a light sprinkle at the beginning of the session which showed up in the photos.  I actually had to photoshop out each raindrop (hundreds) and a few of the shirts really showed the rain spots... Doug's in particular... maybe it's because he's so tall.  lol.  I tried to eliminate the evidence of rain as much as possible.  I'm not able to make David's son's hair look dry, however.  I'm not sure how his hair got as wet as it is by the time we did individual photos of the kids.  I additionally removed the scrape on David's youngest daughter's left cheek and eye. 

There are some wonderful traditional group shots.  Typically, however, I add more relationship images of everyone looking at each other and squeezing on each other.  We moved quickly because it seemed like the rain was going to come pouring at any moment.  I would have liked to add in those cuddly photos too.

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